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We Did It !!!!

The cruise is booked and we are sailing out November 7, 2010, this is exciting.  We are leaving the Port of Miami on Sunday afternoon at 4:00pm (foot/mama) we can’t be late.

The California contingency will arrive in FT. Lauderdale  early Sunday morning then take a shuttle to the ship.


Hope this post finds everyone well,

What’s the story with the cruise this summer?  I know that one is being planned for August and I think the other is November.  Do we have specific dates yet?  What’s the cost?  I have a passport just need the dates. What about Mom should we be discussing dividing the cost of her trip ?

Love, Nita
P.S.  I am so excited about our website


It’s that time of the year where we honor the acccomplishments of our graduating family members. I’d like to offer a huge congratulations to Brian who just received his BA and is currently here in California
job hunting and a bit of relaxation.
Jason and Kiara are both graduating from middle school and entering high school in the fall. I will put up both of the actual graduation dates soon.